By nature, a grapevine grows with great enthusiasm. If it were not for the watchful eyes and skilled hands of our vineyard team, a vine’s vigor, unchecked, would diminish its ability to bear high-quality fruit.

Grapevines are pruned significantly after every growing season with approximately 80-90% of the previous year’s growth removed. This is accomplished during the winter months as the plant goes dormant during the colder months.

As the crew works their way through the vineyard, they look at each grapevine to identify the remaining wood that is both growing in the correct direction and viable to bear fruit in the new growing season. It’s remarkable how quickly their trained eye and hands can affirm these decisions and efficiently cut excess brush out of the trellis.

The cut brush is laid in the middle of the rows of vines, where it eventually decomposes into the soil, imparting nutrients that help maintain a balanced and healthy growing environment.

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