Image above, left: Western Bluebird. Right, top: Eastern Bluebird. Right, bottom: Mountain Bluebird. Source: Wikipedia, public domain.

Knudsen Vineyards recognizes the impact agriculture can have on the greater ecosystem. In addition to being farmed sustainably with a commitment to the long-term health of the land, we also participate in a number of programs supporting our ecological community, including the Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project.

Oregon is home to the Western Bluebird, a protected species listed as “vulnerable” by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Since 1998 Knudsen Vineyards has been a partner of the Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of the Western Bluebird within the northern portion of Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Over more than twenty years, Knudsen Vineyard has proudly fledged 154 Western Bluebirds from three bluebird nest boxes located on the property!

Bluebird watching at Knudsen Vineyards

The bluebird population in the northern Willamette Valley does not migrate in winter. Although they may be more active during nesting season, you still may be able to see them year-around! During the winter, family groups usually stay together, moving down from higher elevations to the valley floor and oak groves in search of dried berries and insects. For more information, visit:

As you drive up to The Outlook at Knudsen Vineyards you can see one of the nest boxes in a clearing on your left-hand side. The other two boxes are just uphill from The Outlook at Knudsen Vineyards. Please observe from a distance, and do not disturb the boxes or birds!

To learn more about bluebirds, make a tax-deductible donation to Prescott, or learn about volunteer opportunities, visit

One of three bluebird nest boxes at Knudsen Vineyards.