In mid-June, clusters of berries began developing in the vineyard. In the weeks since, the fruit has continued to evolve and today the berries are about the size of a marble, fairly firm, and the red wine grapes are changing hue from green to purple. The vineyard is alive with an array of color!

Veraison, the color change in red wine grapes, also signals the time of year that the fruit gradually stops growing and the grapevine starts to concentrate its energy on fruit ripening. Sugar levels in the fruit (measured in brix) continue to increase from the time of veraison until harvest.

Above, left: July 29, 2021 and right: August 5, 2021

If you’d like to see what veraison looks like in person and also learn hands-on how to check for ripeness (measure brix), join us for a Vineyard Hike experience at 11am on Fridays and Saturdays — make your reservation by clicking here or call 503-580-1596.