Willamette Valley | Dundee Hills

2019 Knudsen Vineyards “Murto” Pinot Noir

Curating a distinguished neighbor

Introducing the second vintage from Murto Vineyard, an important member of the Talking Blocks Series.
The Talking Blocks series wines highlight unique stories of distinctive plantings. This non-estate Pinot noir showcases a nearby legacy vineyard, Murto, located just a short drive up Worden Hill Road from Knudsen Vineyards.

70 | 59.50 Club

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Only available from Knudsen Vineyards

A bold wine is apparent through the garnet hue and dark fruit aromas. At first taste, baking spice and gripping tannins are evenly balanced with hints of pomegranate and black currant. A full and refined mouthfeel is elegantly enhanced with subtle toast notes and spicy blackberry through the peppery finish.

Appellation Willamette Valley | Dundee Hills
Vineyard Murto Vineyard, dry farmed
Alcohol 13.9%
Oak 10 months, 1-3 year old barrels
Cases 224
Winemaker Anthony Van Nice
Closure Natural cork
Released 09/2022

The 2019 growing season was slightly cooler and modestly wetter than the warm and dry seasons the previous five years, although phenological timing – budbreak, bloom, veraison and harvest – and growing degree days were almost identical to the warmer 2018. Notably, September and October each had ~2.6 inches of rain, and the latter half of September into October was considerably cooler than prior years. Thankfully the precipitation was spread out in September, and the majority of the rain in October occurred after harvest, so hand-wringing was replaced with relief and joy regarding the high quality of the vintage.