Good stewardship has been important to Knudsen Vineyards from the beginning, and our family has farmed with a commitment to the long-term health of the land. At the Knudsen Vineyard property, we recognize the impact our decisions have on the greater ecosystem around it.

Drink Wine = Plant Trees
April 22 (Earth Day) through April 30 (Arbor Day) 

Knudsen Vineyards is helping to make the world greener and healthier this April. With the Drink Wine = Plant Trees campaign, Knudsen Vineyards will donate $1 to the Arbor Day Foundation for every reservation made at The Outlook from April 22 – 30 (Earth Day through Arbor Day)

The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees— for every dollar donated, the Arbor Day Foundation can plant one tree in a forest of high need around the globe!

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Some of the ways we make sure that our vineyard is a productive part of the ecosystem is by encouraging biodiversity of flora and fauna and protecting the health of the system for generations to come.

Intentional landscaping of the gardens surrounding The Outlook brought in a variety of native flora which encourages a rich habitat for animals and insects such as birds and pollinators.  

In between the rows of vines, we have planted selected crops that help manage soil erosion, promote soil fertility and quality, manage pests and disease and create a productive home for other wildlife.  Cover crops can also reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the need for herbicides.

As a LIVE Certified Sustainable vineyard, we commit to producing wine that is in conformance with the most advanced standards for environmentally and socially responsible grape growing  and winemaking.  There are dozens of checkpoints in receiving and maintaining LIVE Certification.

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Knudsen Vineyards is Certified Salmon Safe which protects water quality, maintains watershed health and restores habitat for aquatic species. Some techniques for waterway protection include erosion prevention, reducing runoff and enhancing native biodiversity.

Knudsen Vineyard comprises two slopes, at the junction of which is a small creek which ultimately drains into the Willamette River.  One of the ways we protect this watershed is by supporting vegetation flanking the creek, which promotes bank stabilization and helps regulate water temperatures.

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