The Knudsen Vineyards property encompasses 230 acres, of which 125 is under vine. We work to encourage biodiversity and make sure that our vineyard is a productive part of the surrounding ecosystem.

While some of the non-vineyard acreage on our property is dedicated to facilities, many of the remaining acres are being managed as an ongoing restorative forestry project, advised by the Yamhill County Soil and Water Conservation District, helping us maintain and cultivate diverse native species.  One initiative we participated in is a sword fern recovery project, where baby sword ferns from our woods were collected and replanted in areas lacking them nearby.

Walking the paths cut through these woods feels particularly restorative in early spring. The air is crisp and carries the sounds of springtime activity: squirrels chatter, songbirds trill and warble. New growth pushes up from the ground and, with the trees not yet in full leaf, you can see deep into the woods around you.

I am reminded that the value of our vineyard land – the soil, the vines, the grapes – is inextricable from the health of the animal, plant and human communities that surround us.

headshot - Page Knudsen CowlesPage Knudsen Cowles
Owner & Managing Partner

A tree trunk in the woods below the vineyard near our entrance road was fashioned into a woodland chair by José Sanchez, a vineyard steward, and his crew.