Experimentation and innovative thinking have always been cornerstones of the Knudsen Vineyards ethos.

In 1971, C. Calvert “Cal” and Julia Lee Knudsen, my father and mother, purchased a 200-acre former walnut orchard in Oregon’s Dundee Hills.

50 years later, Oregon is the home to a thriving premium wine industry and is recognized globally for the production of world-class Pinot noir and Chardonnay wines, among other varietals.

The development of Oregon’s wine industry – and the part Knudsen Vineyards has played in it over these 50 years – is a remarkable success story!

In the early years, there was no playbook in Oregon for what grapes to grow and how best to establish a vineyard.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions that are made before a grape meets glass, such as which clones of grapes should be planted, on what rootstock, at what aspect to the sun, and even how far apart the rows should be planted to yield the most optimum fruit. Today, Knudsen Vineyard is managed using modern viticultural techniques informed by 50 years of record-keeping and intimate knowledge of the site.

But, how did we get here?

If you are interested in learning more about the evolution of Knudsen Vineyards and the Oregon Wine Industry, consider joining me on Friday April 16 for a virtual tasting & conversation — click here for more details!

headshot - Page Knudsen CowlesPage Knudsen Cowles
Owner & Managing Partner