In addition to improvements being made on the property in preparation for opening The Outlook at Knudsen Vineyards, our soon-to-be opened tasting room, we are also investing in the continued improvement of our vineyard health and sustainability.

One of the more recent additions to our equipment fleet is a double-sided rotary tiller, which manages weeds on both sides of a row without the use of herbicides.

A “Roomba of the vineyard” as I like to call it, this brilliant machine moves swiftly down the rows in each block, chewing up weeds and other nuisance plants just up to, but not including, the vines themselves. There is a very cool sensor that retracts the cultivator blades when they come close to the vine. The tiller is calibrated carefully by our expert technicians, and just one pass is all it needs.

headshot - Page Knudsen CowlesPage Knudsen Cowles
Owner & Managing Partner